Sunday, 15 May 2011

Importance of Recruitment And Selection Process

You will discover that any successful business will have at its core resourceful and caring employees who have full job satisfaction and a perfect fit for the jobs they are commended with. This is not an easy task to achieve and full credit goes to the selection and recruitment processes that the company has in put. On the opposing, if these processes are not holded efficiently, the wrong sort of sluggish employee appointments can prove incurable even to a well established business.
It is of greatest importance for an employer to be absolutely clear on what they expect an employee to be. The expertise required for the job should be detailed as accurately as possible. Transferable skills which the company could use also justify a point out. So the chances of zeroing in on the right candidate increase greatly if the vacancy advertised is very specific as to the requirements. If recruitment agency service is choosed for by the employer, the agency or the advisor should get very specific instructions from the employer.
It is necessary that an exact framework for shortlisting applicants for a vacancy is formulated in advance. This is the first step of the selection and recruitment process. This necessitate that the employers are very clear as to what sort of qualifications and experience they expect to see on the CV of the possible employee. The process of selection and recruitment needs to spell out very clearly the total requirements vis-a-vis qualifications and qualities necessary to fill the vacancy. Based on this one can shortlist the candidates. The next step is to take a decision on the number of interviews and/or presentation needed to finally decide on the employee.
If the employers give very concise and accurate explanation of what they expect the employees to be, the recruitment consultant or the agency can choose a candidate very easily. The recruitment consultant or the agency also needs to have knowledge of the employers in-built processes of selection of the true candidates.
Finally, it is in the strength of things that a feedback is make available on the interview by the interviewer either to the applicant or the agency through which he has come. Before proceeding with the interview which may or may not be followed by a presentation, the interviewer on behalf of the company should have reached a decision as to what package of wage he is willing to offer to the right person. This is a very vital but easily overlooked point in the process of selection and recruitment. The employers would do well to remember that the potential candidate would most definitely be sizing up the prospective employer as well during the selection and recruitment process.


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