Sunday, 5 June 2011

Talent Management Strategy Implementing Business Success

"Success without a successor is a failure."
Today, the economic environment is a complex interaction of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, the delayed reaction (VUCAD). It extends from talent agencies and managers. In addition, the Talent War, the term is known McKinsey & Company is also behind the looming baby boomer retirement in developed economies and the continuing surplus of young talent in emerging markets. Thus, the changing times, organizations are discovering the criticality of the stabilization process conducted leadership that ensures a high level of "Leadership of liquidity as managers Cascades.
It also aims to identify and develop leaders at all frequencies was also seen as an objective of our company admired. With the two goals, the company identified and segmented each of the leadership of the band at all levels - from the first moment, the leaders of the business unit manager, always lead. levels of segmentation is a critical focal point in any direction of the process, because the skills, abilities and behaviors needed for each level is different and unique. In addition, there are several challenges to deal with this development, the research shows that although over 20% of the company's training and development has been demonstrated leadership, less than 8% of organizations think and operate from a level strategic.
Target talent at all levels recently, a leading company in the BFSI, identified the need to develop leaders at all levels worked to achieve its vision of becoming the most preferred insurance in the country. Our research has shown that the impact of artists on their performances in business is important, organizations can not afford to neglect the employees of the "B" level. " Therefore, the different emphases in both - high income and stable and capable artists at all levels is a key initiative to achieve the desired change in the organization.
Challenge for the company was in a sustainable and profitable business in the middle of the results of the different macroeconomic conditions. This translated into an effective development of necessary skills such as strategic thinking, information retrieval, customer orientation, etc. to other executives and managers. Process and increase the powers of the current approach to these problems are closely involved in your team and business leaders from a variety of competency assessments, development workshops, action learning projects, and coaching. Commitment of the entire spoken alongside employers and human resources to ensure a focused and sustainable outcome of the candidates during the development process. More specifically, development plans based on the strengths of each Director and the development of high performance goals are based on the model behavior.
Deeply integrate talent management strategy within the overall strategy of the company (human resources empowerment) Taking a longer term horizon, the initiatives can also be extended to other areas like talent acquisition, performance and talent management leadership development. For example, we have partnered with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies for more than six years to integrate the behavior of high-performance model in its talent management strategy as a whole - from recruitment to retention and development. As mentioned above, the current global workforce is the result of major demographic change, coupled with the effects of globalization. Increasingly, organizations must meet the needs of the employees of two generations: old and new. Similarly, also need to balance the need for transparent migration of talent across multiple sites based on business needs more fluid.
In the case of the pharmaceutical company based above all his talent strategy in a well-documented, the organization has been able to integrate all aspects of the talent lifecycle. Day at all sites, the company is able to correctly define new roles based on a development framework and populate them with talented leaders. These leaders then display the necessary skills and competencies based on assessments made with the same universal frame. This will allow the HR team of the company, he speaks the same language as the functional and business line managers to address business issues. Therefore, building strong organizations in the future, organizations and business people view talent management as a critical business enabler and to connect the volatile business climate with changes in demographics global workforce.


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